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You’ve worked hard to purchase an investment property. Any tenant can pose a risk to your asset and it is essential to protect your investment with a suitable insurance policy.

landlord insurance

It is critical that you have the right protection for your investment property as an off-the-shelf policy may leave you high and dry when an incident occurs. An incident may leave you without rent or could be as catastrophic as requiring a rebuild of the property. Having an appropriate landlord insurance policy can give you confidence and peace of mind that the investment will remain viable even during troubling times.

Our landlord insurance solutions can include cover against:

  • Defined natural events
  • Legal liability
  • Accidental and malicious acts by tenants (including vandalism)
  • Loss of rent (when a property is dormant due to repair)
  • Theft by tenants
  • Rent default (when a tenant vacates before the end of the rental agreement)
  • Protection for contents items such as blinds, curtains and fixtures

In addition to finding and creating an insurance solution to give you peace of mind, Lake Macquarie Insurance Services works by your side to lodge and manage claims on your behalf. We also review your policy annually to ensure your covers remain relevant and the premium remains competitive.

To find out more about landlord insurance, or to obtain a quotation, please contact our office and talk to one of our representatives.

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